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The Importance of Design for Custom Pie Boxes

If you wrap your quality products in the plain custom pie boxes and send it to your costumer, will it induce excitement in them? No, obviously not. But, if you have well-designed custom pie boxes with prints and logos on them, the customer on seeing the box on his door would be excited to open and see what’s inside. Though that matter is that the customer receives the product as it is, but won’t it be beneficial for the business if your custom box speaks for your company?

The way you design your shipping boxes is just as important as the quality of the product you are sending away. Why? Let us give you some of the reasons that might convince to buy designed packaging boxes next to you for custom pie boxes wholesale

Customer Attraction

You may not think of this as an important aspect as you only worry about your customer getting the product but having it wrapped up in good custom pie boxes convert lots of potential target audience to a sale. Your packaging should be like the thing that cannot be ignored.

No matter what your industry or area of business is, you will have competitors in market. Now, not all the people can see what’s inside the box, so you must make some difference to make your company unique. That difference comes from the way you design and style your package. Your custom pie boxes design can make you stand out in crowd thus attracting more and more people. It might be the first impression they get about your company.

People often judge the book by its cover. So, they might make the first impression about you by the way your custom pie boxes are designed.


A constant theme of colors, logos, and design might become your brand identity and work as your trademark. What’s better than the scenario in which a person recognizes your company by just seeing at your shipping box?

When you work on brand identity, it connects with the people in two ways:

  • It creates a clear impression of the product and the company to the new consumers.
  •  It reminds them of the brand they trust and the products you offer.
Sharing and identifying brand identity can be done effectively through packaging. The more you focus on your brand representation, the more they will remember you for the products you have sent them.

Does your current package speak about your company? Your logo? Your motto? The things you want to convey? If not, then it’s time to redesign your custom pie boxes no matter if you are making custom pie boxes wholesale purchase.


You are not only sending the product, but you are also communicating to them through this and this communication is carried out by the design and printing material you choose for the custom boxes. Your product’s description and complete information must be displayed on the box to make it more open and easy to understand.

Not all the designs are the same, but there is one thing that all like to adhere to, your product’s detailed information. Tell your users everything about the product that they might need to know before opening it. Like:

  • Who designed it?
  • Where and how it is used?
  • Where is it made?
  • When should they stop using it?
  • Why do you need this product?


Great packaging adds to the value to the product. It saves it from the shipping ups and downs and delivers it to the customer as it is. Your package needs to be practical and functional. So, if the design you have for your packaging works for your company, make it practical and functional. When added utilitarian functions to it, it becomes just as valuable as the product itself.

Your packaging must provide these three main functions to the product

  • It must protect the product.
  • It must have efficient storage with safety.
  •  It must not damage the product in the transportation.
So, while going for custom pie boxes wholesale purchase, don’t forget to choose the best and unique design for your company.

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